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Rolled Scalloped Borders, Rainbow

No more matching and stapling border strips together! 36 feet of border on a single continuous roll can be cut to desired len...

Versatility and style rolled into one! The continuous roll scalloped border offers 36 feet of customizable decor that you can cut and layer to accent bulletin boards, doors, windows, and more. A stylish way to frame, enhance, or highlight any area of your classroom, rolled borders are an affordable and versatile accent.

Enhance bulletin boards, highlight displays, and frame artwork with the vibrant continuous roll scalloped border. Each continuous roll scalloped border measures 36 feet x 2.25 inches.

Continuous roll borders offer a simple solution for decorating any area of your classroom. Use these borders to frame:

  • doors
  • windows
  • shelves
  • artwork
  • bulletin boards

Easy to customize, these borders are perfect to use individually, or cut and layer them to create your own unique style.


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